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Tea For Healing?

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I have heard of people drinking My-Marvel Taheebo Tea for general well-being--good for digestion, and they say for cleaning and increased stamina.

I was given some My-Marvel Taheebo teabags by a neighbor who works in a pharmacy. She swears that this product can help in the hastening of the healing of our C-Section and also so that I will regain my strength quickly. One teabag should be for a cup of hot water. But I still re-use it up to three times, taking the brew 3x a day.

I cannot really say if it was the tea that did it, because I also had good nutrition and rest after I gave birth. But in any case, I believe it did help in my quick recovery. My pale color from losing too much blood became rosy in just several days, or probably a week.

If it did help, I could not compare it with anything because that was my first childbirth. Thankfully, it tastes okay, I mean just like regular tea. I do not put sweeteners in my tea, I just take it as is. It was fine.

Anyway, I believe My Marvel Taheebo Tea is a little expensive than regular black tea bags. So I don't think I would shell out extra for this product if I were to buy it.