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Team Fortress 2: A New Look On Many Reviews

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By Dante Giambrone on
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It's been a while since I've reviewed games for the PC, but getting back into this I thought I should start with one of the greatest multi-player shooters I have ever played. The game is so jam-packed with content (such as the taunts that your class says after every kill, or the triumphant music that plays after you kill your nemises) thats it's hard to describe it without typing 5 pages worth.

Lets began with the game types. Valve has kept it simple by having only 2 yet very addicting styles of game. The first is CTF or the capture the flag. This basically means you must get your team to capture a briefcases of intelligence from the enemies base. But it is not as simple as that. Engineers might build automated turrets (Sentry guns) in order to stop you from taking the intelligence. You also have to survive the fight into your enemies base.

The Second type of game style is Control Point (Which I found much more interesting). It basically consists of one team trying to defend the points by preventing the opposite team from standing on the points long enough to capture them. It also consist of engineers building sentry guns around control points to make the capture much more difficult.

Team Fortress 2 has 9 different classes, each contributing to the success of the team. The scout is great for stealing the intelligence because of his speed but lacks the offensive fighting power of the soldier or pyro. Sometimes you may have to pick the class that would help your team more than the class you would like to play. The nine classes are the following.


Scout: Has a sawed-off shotgun, pistol, and baseball bat. Has a faster speed than any other class and captures points 2 times faster. Lacks adequate health and weapons do not do much damage.

Soldier: Has a rocket launcher, shotgun, and a shovel for meele. He can withstand a high amount of damage and can rocket jump by launching a rocket at his feet.

Pyro: (My favorite class) The pyro does exactly what you think he does. He has a flamethrower which does extraordinary damage at close range, a shotgun, and an axe. (He is great for spy checking, but more on that later).


Demoman: The demoman is a great class for destroying Sentry Guns. He has a grenade launcher, a sticky bomb launcher which can be remotely detonated (However players of the other team can move the demoman's stick's by shooting them).

Heavy: The toughest class, the heavy boasts 300 hp with a 200 round mini gun that cuts players up into ribbons at medium to long range. He also has a shotgun and fists to punch his enemies to the ground.

Engineer: While not being a class for the front line players, the engineer is possibly the most important class on control point maps. The engineer has the ability to use his toolbox to build a one-way teleporter to move his team around the map. The engineer can also build a dispenser which gives out ammo, health and metal (the material used to build things). The engineer also has 1 Sentry Gun at his disposal. Now I really have to hand it to Valve at this point. Valve designed the automated Gun with such a perfect balance that it's just so natural to see an AI controlled weapon do what it does. Valve made it so that the gun was not overly powerful but also not too weak. The Sentry gun has 3 levels, The first is a slow single-shot gun that is relatively weak, the second is a a double barreled gun with more health faster shooting and more ammunition. The last level is everything about the second with the addition of a rocket launcher plus more health. As I stated before since the engineer does not have many powerful weapons, all he has is a shotgun, pistol and a wrench.


(A little side note, Support classes are for both offense or defense).

MEDIC: The most overlooked class, being called weak, unimportant, and the the n00bs way to points. The medic in reality is much more important that you might think. The medic has a healing beam the can shoot out and heal players in front of you, this means you don't have to get right up to them to heal them. Besides healing damaged players the medic can buff up a fully-healed team member up to 150 more hp. But the true power of the medic comes from his special ubercharge. The ubercharge is a meter on the bottom of the medic's HUD. After healing enough players without dying you will be charged. After you are charged select the class you wish to uber and began to heal him, then right-click. Instantly you and your healing target will change into a shiny metallic color of your team and you will be invincible to damage for 10 seconds. This is great on heavy and soldiers due to the fact that it is very easy to take out a sentry while ubered. The medic has a syringe gun which fires at a downward arc so you will have to compensate. He also has meele, a bonesaw.

SPY: The spy is by far the most ingenious class in the game. The spy does not fight on the front lines, he works behind the enemy slowly bringing them to destruction. While the spy has the lowest health amount in the game ( along with the scout) he has some major advantages over some of the more powerful classes in the game. The spy has a 6 shot revolver which is a good all around weapon for fighting back if he is discovered. He has a butterfly knife, it take 4-5 stabs to the front to kill a player, but its true power lies in its ability to one hit kill any class from the back no-matter how much health they have. The spy has a disguise kit which allows him to disguise as an enemy class. However his disguise will break once he attacks. The enemy will be looking for spys, which is why the spy has a cloak, the cloak allows him to disguise then cloak through enemy lines. Pyros can break the spys disguise or clock instantly because his flames will stick to the spy. This is what is called spy checking. The spy also has a very important gadget in his arsenal, an electric sapper. This can be place on any engineers building and will disable and eventually destroy it. But it only takes to whacks with the wrench to knock off a spy's sapper. This is why playing this class is as much an art as a game.

SNIPER: The sniper is what you would a expect...With a twist. The sniper rife has a charged shot, so that if one uncharged shot to the head of a heavy wont kill him, a charged one will. The sniper also has a tommy gun and machete to fight at close range.

That covers the 9 classes.


At the moment there are 8 maps that Valve has released. I'm not going to spoil what they are so you will have to buy the game to find out the remakes of the old Team Fortress Classic maps.


Even though I covered gameplay earlier in the review I wanted to point out some interesting things:

Domination/Nemeses: If you are killed by the same person 3 times in a period of time, the game will tell everyone who is dominating you and who it is that they are dominating. The player who dominated you will be displayed as your nemeses and will have boxing gloves above his head until you get a revenge kill on him. The same things apply if you dominate someone.


No this is not the cheap "oooh yeaaa" kind of taunts that were in some of the quake games. No, these taunts are much more painful to listen to when you die. An example of this would be after the spy backstabs an enemy he quickly says, "My apologies!" In a sarcastic voice.


This is my last topic for the review, I thought I would save the coolest for last. The graphics in the game are amazing and not in realism! Valve nailed it when it game Team Fortress 2 a cartoon'ish look to it. This is what this game was meant to look like. But don't just take my word for it, look at the screen shots that I have posted in this review.


What can I say? It seems to appear that Valve can do no wrong. And that is ever so apparent in Team Fortress 2!

Buy this game folks!