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Team Fortress Two Is A Dream For Multiplayer

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As you play the game “Team Fortress 2” published by Valve in 2007 be sure to thank a decade of research from the source engine in making realistic physics and graphics. The source engine, makers of such classic games such as “Half-life” and Left for dead return to bring the same high quality game you’d expect in a game. This title is available on the Sony Ps3, Microsoft Xbox 360, A Pc, and a Macintosh computer that has certain software making it able to play windows games. Unlike other games like “Call Of Duty 4” that have a story mode this game cuts deep into the action delivering high quality animated characters that act in a humorous manner which brings comedic relief. Some of the phrases you will hear from your buddies would be, “Last one alive lock the door!” “Thanks for standing still wanker, ” and “Cry some more.”

As the name implies “Team Fortress 2” requires a team to achieve their objective, a game which forces characters to rely on each other in an environment unlike no other. To achieve the goal of teamwork a pre-made class system of 9 playable characters are offered, they are divided into three classes an Offence making the pyro, scout, and soldier. The defense featuring the heavy weapons, demoman, and sentry building engineer; and finally a support class having medics, spies, and snipers. All the characters work in unison to take out critical components in a strategic battle. Your personal interest will guide you to which character best suits you.

In order to play this game you need to buy the orange box to play on a PS3 or xbox 360 or team fortress 2 for a pc. The Pc’s requirements are not too demanding but can be a hassle especially with windows vista, it tends to act buggy and freezes with slower graphics cards. The Pc version is referred as the true version as it is the only one to have continuously updating weaponry so this part of the reviews will focus on the Pc aspects ( I have played the game on all three systems in my opinion I believe the pc version is better.

The server system is amazing on tf2 for the fact that clans can make their own maps modded from the original TF2 maps and have millions play on them, with this in mind valve made several more playable maps not included in the video game systems. A great voice system and unlock able weapons for characters really drive the point that this game is a winner and at least deserves a look at when buying the next first person shooter.