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Team Fortress2 Corrupting Kids.

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By zippy2582 on
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Team Fortress 2

TeamFortress 2 is a multiplayer FPS (First Person Shooter) that allows you to take control of a humorous cartoon character, and rage war on the opposing forces. This game features 9 exciting classes, including soldier, scount, heavy, medic, pyro, and more; aswell as the large selection of 35 weapons.The games maps are well thought out, and really make you feel like you are there. Not to mention the hundreds of user-created maps.

The game does have its downsides. I personally think that they could have done without some of the gore/sexually comments/alcohol references. The gore is cartoonish, but may be disturbing to younger children. As far as alcohol/sexual comments, these are mainly seen in the trailer. The demo man tends to always be drunk, and for his melee weapon, instead of a knife, he carries a beer bottle. The spy smokes a cigar every few minutes, aswell. (The blood can be turned off, but is complicated.)And of course, as in almost any multiplayer game, there are hackers and swearers. Though I have found this game to not be near as populated by hackers, but unless you join a curse-free server, your more likelygoing to hear the F-Bomb a couple of times.

Overall, the game is great; though.