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Tece E Cigarette Leave That Smokey Smell Behind

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I recently got tired of the rising cost of tobacco and was looking to an alternative to smoking until I could find the strength to quit. A couple of my close friends recently bough E-Cigarettes and suggested trying one to try to quit smoking.I made a trip to the local mall and go a very informative salesperson to tell me about the product. He was "smoking" an E-Cigarette as I spoke to him. Before I purchased it, I was allowed to try one out to see if I was still interested.

The E-Cigarette is a safe alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. I have been "smoking" mine for just under a week and am already down to less than a pack of cigarettes a day. The only problem with calling E-Cigs safe is that they are not yet FDA tested as a smoking cessation aid or for any sort of use.

The E-Cigarette I chose to buy was from 'The E-Cig Emporium' in the local mall. I paid $79.95 each for two E-Cigs, 2 USB Chargers, 2 Wall Chargers and 10 cartridges. The cartridges are where the nicotine comes from. The E-Cig is a tobaccoless device that still delivers the nicotine smokers crave. The cartridges are only $2.95 for a pack of 5 and each cartridge is supposed to last the equivalent of about 1 pack of cigarettes.The cartridges come in different strenghts from 24mg all the way down to 0mg of nicotine.

The E-Cigarettes can be smoked in any public place since they are smokeless. They have an atomizer inside of them that produces a vapor that might resemble smoke to some but it is not harmful as first or second hand smoke. The E-Cigarette is a wonderful alternative to going outside to smoke when you are at home or at the office and it does not have the smell that comes with a traditional cigarette. Your home and car will eventually lose that smokey smell that comes with smoking cigarettes.

To see what packages 'The E-Cig Emporium' has to offer, you can visit their website http://tececigs.com/