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Teck Deck Skatepark Skateshop Awesome Fun!

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My nine year old nephew is very much into those little finger skateboards you can find at toy stores and drug stores. When he asked for this Tech Deck Skateboard Skatepark for the holidays, I figured he would have a lot of fun with it. I bought it for him and I was right. He loves it!

I do not know much about these mini skateboards, but they keep my nephew busy and he loves learning all the new tricks you can do with the skateboards.

His obsession started by buying the individual mini skateboards at the drug store. Like lifesize skateboards, each mini skateboard sports a cool design, making them fun to collect. The mini skateboards are about 3.5" long. You ride them with your fingers, as legs, and can learn different moves.

Once you have a few of these moves down pat, you will want to show off your skills on one of the cool skateparks. That's where the Tech Deck park comes in.

This park consists of a ramp on one side, stairs on the other, and a flat area like a platform, in the middle. This toy is a good size, about 18" long, and is made of durable plastic. The stair railing is made of metal. I don't get the feeling this is cheap and easily broken, but we will see about that. This Tech Deck also came with some new skateboards too!

My nephew has a great time making his skateboard go up and down the stairs and ramp. He also told me you can buy more of these parks (hint, hint) and put them together, so you can combine a bunch of moves.

Another thing my nephew loves to do is change the wheels on the skateboards using a micro mini screwdriver type tool by Tech Deck. I guess that allows for a more customized look.

My nephew plays with his Tech Deck every day. When the weather prevents him from playing outside, I think playing with Tech Deck is a more creative way to spend his time, rather than watching TV or playing video games.