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Ted Nugent: ' Full Bluntal Nugity'

Reviewing: Spitfire Records Greats Live In Detroit 12/31/00  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This Ted Nugent Arsenal is packed with all kinds of fast heart ripping music. This will get your heart pumping from the first beat of the drums and the first rip of the guitar. Of course he says the ‘F' word more than anything else, and this one is definitely a hard album, like any other Ted Nugent legend.

The first electric masterpiece on this awesome album is ‘KLSTRPHK', and believe me this one sets the Ted Nugent pace that you soon will be entranced by.

The Segway into ‘Paralyzed' is unnoticed as we get blown into the next set of fingering done by this electric wizard. I can not believe that one man was such a genius as Ted.

‘Snakeskin Cowboys' is 3rd, and this great hit of yesteryear was a great track to bring back from the not-so-dead. He plays this one just like he did on day one . It hasn't changed a bit. I love to turn my album to full blast for this collection of pure adrenaline Rock N' Roll.

‘Wang Dang Sweet Poontang', the next devious piece of art created by this metal hero, and this is also one of his previous pieces of pure spirit that rocked the airwaves so many years ago. This 70's and 80's master is all over the room with his guitar, as you fall under the spell of the best guitar work you will ever hear. You can not, and I mean NOT, turn this one off before you have played every song.

One of his best tracks of the past is next. ‘Free For All', is definitely the one that made him one of my favorites. He has a way with the electric guitar in every piece. I live to hear this song often, as I am a true Ted Nugent fan. This song is unrivaled in its time. This motor city guitar freak is the monster of electric guitars.

‘Yank Me Crank Me', is also just like the rest, It will take you into the past with the memories of your youth, if you are an old dog like me. I will never forget the impact that Ted has had on my music tastes. He molded the perfect fans, and gave us a proud sense of belonging in a world that tossed us X generation babies away. I am proud to be writing a review for Ted Nugent.

The next great hit of the past that is #7 on the list, is ‘Hey Baby'. This song goes back 25 years for me, and has made an impact on the life I share with my sweetheart/wife from the same days. She is my baby, and we bump a little when this one comes up. It Is a great Ted masterpiece., which come fresh of the segway that "Yank Me Crank Me' has to offer.

‘Fred Bear (acoustic)' is the following impact statement to be added to this greatest hits mix. Hunters from around the world love this classic jam that is like fire burning from Ted fingers. This wild man hit is a great one to play twice. I often find myself doing this with Ted music.

The last four songs on the album are definitely Teds best titles, as these four will blow you away with the blast that you get from Mr. Nugents Genius. These four include: 'Cat Scratch Fever', his most popular of all, ‘Stranglehold'- My personal favorite, ‘Great White Buffalo', and of course The One he likes to play on them all, 'Motor City Madhouse'. All of these are great hits, and each is a classic.

Ted put together a great album here, with his live party onstage. I believe that you will more than just enjoy this one!