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Ted Nugent: 'Love Grenade'

Reviewing: Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd 2007  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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I just purchased this one for $9.99 at Wal-Mart. I knew that Ted could not stay away. I will always love, support, and play Ted Nugent's stuff. This old man can still play like the pro he has always been.

‘Love Grenade' is explosive from the first beat. This powerful outburst is probably better than the last few he has had that reached any kind of notoriety. This fast action packed throttling is exactly what I was hoping for. I think it was an excellent opener.

This next one is as bad ass as the last one. Ted Nugent still sings like Ted Nugent. I am so damn happy that this rock song was put on this release. ‘Still Raising Hell', is a master lick like all of the great songs Ted has done. I plan to see this guy in concert if I ever get the chance. Nowadays, the bad-asses of the past are taking over with some pretty strong comebacks.

The next song with an expletive title is one you have to hear to get an opinion. This one is the four-letter words tribute that sounds like a Sam Kinison burst. You all remember Sam don't you? He would have been proud of this one. Ted, is a hard core raunch master.

‘Girl Scout Cookies' is a tight lick that is pretty sweet. We all love Girl Scout cookies, I eat mine all night long. This one is what you are expecting if you predict a song with massive sexual overtone. How many people love ‘Girl Scout Cookies' like Mr. Pervasious? This song makes you feel like eating your cookies now! There is a sexual, but hungry rhythm in this master party tripper. Blast that stereo!

‘Journey To the Center of The Mind', is a really tight arsenal of a fast rhythm of strings and drum destruction. Similar to an old Moody Blues masterpiece, this one is great, with the beer buzz and good friends. We just cranked up the volume, and the house is coming alive. This is a party promotional piece, and Ted can rip the roof off!

I am one of those kids, that was fascinated by Geronimo. This next title is, ‘Geronimo & Me', and this one is sort of like what the days remind me of when I am researching the lost bandit train gold that is so damned elusive to the seekers of historic treasure here in the Pacific Northwest. This historic treasure, one that will be played thirty years from now, must get an exceptional mention here. Ted has not changed one bit. If anything, he has managed to sound better than he has in the last couple of releases.

The next one is totally awesome. ‘Eagle Brother' is a pure instrumental masterpiece. No lyrics are needed in this one either. I can not believe that this can still be done. Topping off at four minutes and forty seconds, I just received my moneys worth two-fold.

‘Spirit of The Buffalo' is a really soft rocker that reminds me off the old band, Blacksnake. Ted seems so young and alive in this CD that I feel he may just go into his fifth decade of music like he entered it, on top of the charts. I am really surprised that this was only $9.99. This 2007 release could definitely fetch the normal $15.99 price, but hey, this man is a very just party monster, he kept it cheap so we could buy some beer.

As I crack open another brew, I feel the magic of this genius in his next title, ‘Aborigine'. This is another song that reminds me of early Ted Nugent. This terrific song plays like the old hit, ‘Motor City Madhouse'.

Where does he get the adrenaline? I am glad that he is still around, and I am glad I found this flawless masterpiece. Awesome, it is.

‘Stand' lights the house up with a very original sound, unlike any other Ted Nugent piece. This one is a tad Guns & Roses. I don't need anything other than a great CD from the Motor City King, and another can of my favorite 6.0 % Alcoholic beverage. Parties and music, what a great creation that God invented! Damned right.

The #11 song, ‘Broadside', is pretty sweet. It reminds me of a friend of mine, His band is named ‘Justice Lives Not'. People that can play like this and speak their mind deserve to be around for forty-plus years. This is a great piece of Ted Nugent.

‘Bridge over Troubled Daughters' is a Ted upbeat, modern style, slap in the face to the modest and moral imposing haters of rock-n-roll. This great master can play like no other man alive. He is so freaking cool.

The last lick on this killer release is, ‘Lay With Me', and I would have to say, this is the way to retire after a hard night of pure partying! I hope you enjoy this error proof Ted Nugent CD like I did. I think it is worth more!