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Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo Dvd

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The Teen Titans start in their first feature-length movie! After a mysterious attacker ambushes the Titans, they head to Japan to confront the one who sent the assailant. Unfortunately, the chief of police is all but helpful, telling them that the villain they're after is nonexistant. Of course, that's not enough to keep the Teen Titans down...that is, until Robin gets arrested after a battle with another attacker. With Robin down, the mysterious villain Brushogun makes his move to take down the remaining Titans once and for all.

The movie is chock full of the same great humor, drama, and action you've come to expect from Teen Titans. Admittedly, you can see the ending coming a mile away, but it's a roller coaster ride every step of the way, especially for those familiar with Japanese culture. Plus, a certain coupling may be set up by the very end, one fans have been clamoring for for a while now.

Special features aren't spectacular, but decent. We get a little game, Robin's Underworld Race Challenge, where the player presses left and right on the remote to change Robin's direction as he races after his opponent. It looks good, but isn't much fun to play. The other special feature is a special "lost episode" of the series, featuring the Titans going after the crazy Punk Rocket. It clocks in around half of a regular episode, but is a nice bonus, though one that I thought would be more suited as a special feature for a season set instead of the movie.

With a great feature-length film and some decent special features, fans of the Titans will watch this DVD again and again.