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I recently bought my daughter a subscription for Teen Vogue four months ago. But like any other good parent, I looked through the mag to make sure the content wasn't inappropriate. It's pretty good although some articles can be lame.

Fashion: Teen Vogue's fashion is very upper class, often advertising brands from Armani Exchange, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and many more expensive brands. Although some fashions look nice, like a Burberry London coat or a Mui Mui skirt, some are garish or matronly, so pick your clothes wisely. When Fashion Week rolls around, they'll usually give coverage on that, such as speaking to designers and following trends. Teen Vogue also follows what the stars are wearing in every issue. I usually don't pay much attention to this, but I still glance over it. They also have a guy called "The Style Blogger" and he writes a good column.

Beauty: Is alright. They always feature a celebrity interview and she lists her beauty and skin care products. I like this as it shows the stars make-up and skin care routines. Some of the make-up can be expensive, like a $56 Armani foundation! But to save everyone's souls, unlike the fashion, most of the make-up is not that expensive. The "Beauty Blogger" writes columns on beauty. They also have an inset on beauty products she recommends. Her recommendations are pretty cool; sometimes she'll recommend green products, which are good. On the page after that they have a "10 most wanted" list. Normally they have a product theme and this month's theme is green products. I've never tried any of them, but they do look nice.

They have an interview with the cover celebrity and a photo shoot. It's normally 2 or 3 pages long, so it's nice and short; easily digestible for young readers. The mag covers upcoming movies, TV shows, and music albums. Teen Vogue gives all of them a rating on a scale of 1-4. While their movie and TV show reviews are good, they typically rate indie music albums. I've never been big on indie artists and have only heard good music from three good indie artists, so I typically ignore that section. When I do read it most of the bands get around 3 stars.

There's also a section called "My World" and it usually features current event news going on affecting the 21st century. It's very heartening and deep. This month the topic was the Haitian earthquake and a Haitian girl told her story; it can bring tears to your eyes. There's also a section in the magazine where it interviews one teenager, usually a girl, and she talks about her style. I normally read this and like it, although some outfits the kids wear can be garish.

The teen articles are good but they can be lame. Teen Vogue subtly avoids topics like peer pressure or drugs, but they talk about things like cheating in school and eating disorders. Not that that's bad, but I think they should broaden their horizons when talking to teens, and give them more food for thought.

All in all, this is a good magazine that any kid would like, but some of the clothing pieces can be upwards of $700.