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Teething Trouble

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My poor baby has had a terrible time with teething. She's just one of those kids that has a hard time cutting teeth. I have known children who cut teeth with no problem at all, and I have known children who just fuss and drool a little. My daughter actually screams in pain the night before a tooth pops out. It's so sad. She's on molars now, and it's just been awful.

One thing that seems to help her is baby ibuprofen, so I keep it handy. The name brand stuff can be quite expensive, but the Target brand is just as good and is about a third of the price of the name brand. I found this stuff on clearance one day and bought three boxes.

My one complaint about this and the name brand infant ibuprofen both is that they come with a bottle and a little syringe but not one that's attached to the lid like with infant acetaminophin. That is so much more convienent and so much less messy.

This does help my daughter a lot when she's in pain, but I will definitely be glad when she's cut all of her teeth.