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Teflon Is For Presidents

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$18.97 WalMart

Ok, I'm a guy that likes ironing. Usually with some bacon, some potatoes, mebbe some poblanos.

Blood orange and rum braised tilapia anyone? How about an oven roasted meatloaf or some quick sausage gravy for those pan-baked biscuits?

Now, Mr. Lodge (Joe to his friends I'm sure) got a notion some 113 years ago to produce a cooking tool that would be at home on both hearth and prairie. It didn't take long for folks around the Cumberland Plateau of the Appalachian Mountains, in the town of South Pittsburg, Tennessee to see this Joseph fella was up to something big!

With over a century of craftsmanship, quality material, and simple approach to the basics, LODGE Cast Iron has set a standard in cookware that has reached around the world. With many original pieces reported still in use today, the presence of "a Lodge" in any modern kitchen not only fills the "get'r done" bill but also lets any visitor with a knowing eye see that this kitchen makes some FOOD.

And that ain't bad!

I recently had the pleasure of picking up a new "old friend" at the local Wallymart.

12 inches of perfectly pre-seasoned "man-food" docking station.! Oh yeah, I drooled.

The day I brought it home I immediately incorporated it's use in the grilled chicken breast and cobbed corn dinner I had planned. A few minutes of a gentle ginsu massage with some willing veggies, a little "EVOO" ( I just had to do that) and my new friend was promptly installed over it's own bed of glowing coals. In four days I have made 3 meals with this bad boy and I'm looking pretty intently at the cat right now. Yeah, he's kinda edgy..

I grew up with restaraunteurs, diner mutts, cooks....

One thing from home to hotels, around the camp fire or at the highway greasy spoon, one thing I've seen almost everywhere, everytime... Among any copper finery, the latest in institutional cookware, hodge-podge hand me downs, or the eclectic kitchen collection of first timers. A real cook somehow always has a LODGE somewhere near the fire.

If you've ever had one or many, you know what I mean.

If you never have, it's not too late.