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Tekno Tons Of Fun!

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jallyson By jallyson on
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Last Christmas, all my 5 yr old daughter wanted was Tekno. Tekno Tekno Tekno was all we heard. She told people she WAS getting him from Santa. So, of course, Santa brought it, and "he" is very glad he did! We were a little skeptical about spending so much money on an electronic toy for a 5 yr old girl, but luckily we found a good sale, and decided to go with it.

Opening Tekno up is a bit of an adventure- he is actually screwed into the base with tiny phillips screws, so make sure you have the right tools for setting him free. It takes a few minutes, but once he's out, your'e good to go! He has three items he comes with- a remote, a ball, and a bone. The ball and bone are magnetic, if he's hungry, you put the bone to his mouth, and he "barks" and makes chewing noises. He lets you know if he is sad, happy, or hungry. There is a button on the remote that you press to find out how is feeling, once you press it, you say "What's the matter Tekno?", which my daughter absolutely loves!! He then tells you in a cute robotic voice what is wrong. You can wash him, feed him play with him, pet him, make him dance, sit or walk. Figuring out all these features is only a simple matter of reading the booklet, only a couple of pages long. Once I explained it to my daughter, she understood it easily, and has had a ball with him ever since! He can be a bit "hard of hearing" at times, but my daughter only finds that funny since she has to yell at him once in a while! :)

In the six months we have owned Tekno, we have never had to replace any batteries, which I am very impressed with, since he still has his original batterieis from the store. My daughter still is not bored with him, and takes him out at least a few times a week- which is saying something, since she doesn't even look at many of the toys she owns! He is also extremely durable, since he has been dropped on his head, without any effect on his performance.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone with children who shows any interest in him. Best of all, he never sheds!!