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Temporarily Fixated On Dentures

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Fixodent holds dentures or partial plates firmly in place for about 24 hours.

I am temporarily needing to hold my top partial plate in my mouth with denture adhesive. Although I’ve had a partial plate since my late teens (situation began with an injury), I’ve never need to use adhesive to keep it in. However, I am in the middle of having the remaining teeth repaired and a new partial plate built. For the time between the fixing of the remaining teeth and the new plate being made I need to continue to use the old plate unless I want to be a toothless old hag.

The only way the dentist could make it possible to use the old plate was to remove the back third of the plate. This removed the back clasps. Now the only way to keep it in my mouth is with adhesive. Beyond the aesthetics of the situation, I was unable to eat without some help holding the plate in.

Another trip to the drugstore to find the smallest tube of any adhesive I could find... So I came home with this 0.75 ounce tube of Fixodent.

The first thing I learned was that your dentures have to be dry when you apply the Fixodent. So I got them all brushed, and then carefully wiped them dry with a cloth.

The next issue was “how much should I use.” Turns out that the answer is “not very much!” In the week I’ve been using this product I’ve learned to put about one drop per half-inch square of area that will touch my gums. If I do that, only a little oozes out when I put the teeth in again.

When some does ooze out around the edges the texture is weird. It dries and becomes crumbly, but often sticks to the gums. It’s easy to wipe it out with your finger, or sometimes even your tongue. It does not taste bad- just a rather nondescript sort of flavor.

Now the critical issue! I have found that this keeps my teeth in place quite well for about 24 hours. Then it must be redone or it will lose its cling and my teeth fall out. It won’t keep poorly fitting teeth (which is true of mine temporarily) from rocking when you chew if the fit is not right, but it will keep them in.

The old Fixodent must be removed from the dentures when you do take the teeth out. This is a messy job. I find that I can’t quite get it all with my finger so I’ve started using a tissue or a piece of toilet paper. Then I throw the gummy mess in the trash. After that I brush the dentures (and the rest of my teeth too of course), dry them and start over.

You need to be careful not to touch the tip of the tube to wet dentures. This can cause a plug to set up in the end of the tube so that you can’t use the rest of the product.

I expect that I will need to use this for a total of 3 weeks to a month. I think this small tube will last me for all of that time. I have a small mouth, and all that is left of this plate is rather small. It certainly wouldn’t last for a month of holding full-size, normal dentures in place.

There are no warnings about swallowing it or getting it on clothes by mistake or anything at all.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Fixodent, given that I am forced to use something like this.