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Tenacious D's 1st Release Music Review

Reviewing: Epic 2001  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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Jack Black and Kyle Gass admit "smokin' up a big a** bowl of weed" in this smash albums first lick, ‘Kielbasa.' This three-minute song is laced with the comedy of Jack Blacks comments, in lyric form. Each minute kept me dying in laughter, as I really enjoyed this bad-to-the-bone masterpiece.

The next musical short is the #2 title, ‘One Note Song' which lasts 1:24. It preludes the next Tenacious D lick called ‘Tribute'. Jack Black and Kyle Gass rip this album /CD open.

‘Wonder Boy' is a four-minute masterpiece as well. All of these songs are Tenacious D hits. ‘Wonder Boy' is quite the song-of-songs.

The next title is a little bit too hard to describe. The title is unmentionable, I am sad to say, but the use of four letter words could not have been sweeter in this hard piece of work. Nice work here Jack!

The next title is also unmentionable, as the four-letter ‘F' word prevails in this one also. It is another Tenacious D work of art. The songs are great though.

The #7 and # 8 are short, but each title rocks out a beltcher. 'Explosive' is the first of the two, followed by the fantastic ‘Dio'.

In between the #8 and #9 is a hidden dialog of the ‘F' word used in a daily fashion.

‘Inward Singing' is up next. ‘Kyle Quit The Bend ‘follows, and this 60's-70's style smasher is only 1:30 long. A great one to hear.

‘The Road' is a more subtle influence, with more heart than madness. I loved this one, and I think it is one of this bands best.

The next song, I won't even mention. These guys are freaks. Thank God that this one is short. As a matter of fact, I will leave the rest of this album for you to decipher. I am appalled, and rolling in laughter, as I know I can not possibly list this stuff without failing language standards. These two professed pot-heads rip out with some funny stuff. Weed is in many of the lyrics within.

I guess if you are sitting around with nothing better to do than smoke a bowl, or write reviews, this album tears up the rest of this generation. These two are the best. I guess that stuff does make one feel more creative. These two are living proof.

Twenty songs line this masterful work of Tenacious D. No other album can make you laugh, cry, and roll over in your grave like this one. I bet my Grandpa is laughing now!