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Tender Tootsie Fuzzy Bamboo Mule Slippers

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lexxia By lexxia on
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I am not a slipper type person. As a matter of fact give me some really nice woolly socks and I'm totally happy. Then again, waltz me past a store that has a sale on and you just might convince me to buy almost anything including slippers.

That's what happened yesterday. While minding my own business walking quickly through the mall to get to the bank to open an account my eye caught a sale on at the Tender Tootsie shoe store. Dangling out there in the doorway for everyone to see was a huge display of the most fuzzy-wuzziest slippers I've ever been attracted to. Normally they don't attract me but these just hung there begging for me to touch them. Once I did, I was sold!

I stepped inside the store and headed towards the back where all the slippers were just hanging out with one another and I began touchy feeling each and every pair. The pair I'd initially felt were on sale for $8.99 but when I got to the back I found the most heavenly slippers I've yet to encounter. These were also one of my favorite plants - they are made from bamboo! So now they can be considered my lucky slippers as well I guess.

I chose a size and ran my hands over the plush upper area of the slipper...I could literally feel just how toasty they'd be. Mmmmmm . They only had one color of these particular slippers though - white - which isn't a bad thing, white goes with everything. The soles are sturdily made and the quality is very good. The slippers are washable but not machine dryable. I think the only thing I might have done differently were I to buy another pair would be to get a smaller size but as I didn't want to try them on in the store for $12.99 they're still one of the nicest slippers I've ever had on.

I quickly purchased them and after finishing at the bank took my little treat home and quickly whipped off my runners and snuggled my toes inside of the slippers....heavenly!!! They are so comfortable in fact that when I went to take my daughter shopping last evening, I forgot about them and was ready to walk out the door with them on. My daughter stopped me and when I looked down I laughed and told her I guess I'd better not embarrass her that way. She was nice and said "no mom, you could never embarrass me but if you wear them out they'll not be your nice new slippers any longer, they'll be your old disgusting dirty ones. Do you really want that hmmm?"

I had been wearing a pair of slipper boots I'd bought her last year, but she has bigger feet than I do and the other night I'd almost knocked myself out on the hall table when I came down the stairs and one slipper decided it wanted to take a faster route and tripped me up. So far I haven't had the same problem with these new divinely mine ones.

I've worn them continuously (well except not to bed or the shower of course :) and they are incredibly nice to have on my feet. These would make luxurious slippers for any Spa visit too.

I'm actually glad that this particular impulse buy was made but as my daughter says, stick the word bamboo on any product and I'll probably buy it just because of the word. Not true...I don't think.

Tender Tootsies have a winner with these!