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Terracycle Plant Food From Worm Poop You Say?

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I must say that I really can't stand what this particular product is actually made of simply because I can't stand creepy crawlers, but that aside, I love everything else about the product and the Company's very responsible stance.

Terracycle Inc is a company that was founded by two Princeton students who believed that it was possible to not only build a successful business but build one that was ecologically, environmentally and recycle conscious and responsible.

Since Terracycle began operation back in 2001 this Company has grown to incorporate a number of products in their line up of recycled ventures including household cleaners, window cleaners, drain maintenance products, degreasers etc. They also offer recycled plastic bags, the type such as you might purchase in local grocery stores, fruit markets etc, all made from recycled materials. Their Office line includes things like juice box pencil cases, garbage containers and and even 3 ring binders! Their main start up however featured liquid fertilizers made from Worm poop...yes, you read that right...worm....pooop! Can't really imagine what that would look like but let's not go there okay. If that wasn't crazy enough, they decided to package this fertilizer in bottles, plastic pop bottles like those you see from Pepsi. Actually, they were from Pepsi, after drinkers of the pepsi beverage finished with them, the good recyclers out there, myself included, would put the bottles back for reuse and many would find there way to this Company. Now you have to remember though that in 2001, at least here in Canada, recycling had only been in action for a few years by this time and not everyone was on the bandwagon for it. When this Company first began distributing here, we use to have people coming door to door asking for recycled pepsi bottles and providing us with info as to how we could ensure that some of our bottles did indeed go to these guys ... all we needed to do was drop empty bottles off at designated store fronts. I personally was all for it and I'm really glad to see these guys still doing really great things.

The product that I purchased is in a 591ml recycled pepsi bottle that has been fitted with a new Terracycle label and a spray nozzle. A signature of sort of the Company is that all the pop bottles they use normally still have those little blue rings left over from when they were separated from the sealed cap of a Pepsi top in their other life.

The packaging, the bottle and even the boxes in which the Company ships their products are all recycleable and as you would expect, the label encourages you not to forget to recycle the bottle and packing boxes again.

This particular plant food works amazingly well...I had a few 'sick' plants when I purchased this bottle initially and by simply spraying the food onto the plant and pouring a specific amount as indicated by the Company's guidelines which are clearly given on each bottle (don't these guys just have it all together?) into the plant's soil til damp every 7-14 days as well as keeping up with regular watering, my plants were thriving in no time.

A spider plant that I had been gifted from someone through the Freecycle movement in my city was certain that I would be classed a miracle worker if I could bring it back to a greener self. Me a miracle worker? Oh please...well okay, maybe a mini-one. Using this particular plant food (and I like to think perhaps my daily chats with dear plant had something to do with it's recovery), the plant not only thrived but grew strong enough to have some babies for me. I still have the spider plant and although he's a lot older now and I think he needs another bit of help from this food as I've not used it for awhile, he still doesn't look too bad for his age.

There is no mixing required when using this plant food, straight from the bottle, after all it's only worm poop otherwise known as vermicompost extract so it definitely does not burn or harm your plants. The ratio of Nitrogen (water soluble and insoluble) and Phospate/soluble potash is 0.30-0.002-0.02.

Anyone who is interested in just where recycling can lead to should take a look at this Company's site and if you can find their products in your area, you'll be surprised to learn that they are very reasonably priced and in my opinion they are exceptional in every way.