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Terro Ant Killer Really Kills Ants

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Jeanette Dusci By Jeanette Dusci on
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There is nothing worse than walking into your kitchen and finding ants! It seems that every spring I go through this problem. I walk into the kitchen one morning and, lo and behold, I have those little ants crawling around. There is no worse feeling. The good news is that Terro Ant Killer really works on getting rid of the ants.

There are several different products made by this company and different forms of ant treatments, but I have so far stuck with the basic "Terro Liquid Ant Killer" product. It is a 1 oz. bottle of liquid and is very easy to use. All you do is put a few drops of the liquid on a small piece of cardboard and leave it out for the ants. You do need to be cautious in regards to where you place it if you have children or pets, as it cannot be ingested by either. It is actually made with a syrup- like ingredient that attracts the ants and borax which later kills the ants. The ants swarm to the liquid initially, but don't panic. What is happening is that they are taking the poison back to the rest of the colony including the queen. On the way back to the colony the ants leave a trail which in turn attracts more ants to come and partake in the party. You will need to leave the Terro Ant Killer out between three days to about a week depending on the size of the ant colony. Once they all ingest the poison it eradicates the entire colony which, as a result, equals a happy kitchen for me, ant-free!

I have tried many methods of ant control over the years and have found Terro Ant Killer to be not only the most effective, but also very cost efficient. It only takes a very small amount of the liquid to wipe out a colony. At about $4.00 a bottle, this is an inexpensive treatment and much safer than some other options. You can buy it at most "big box" stores and even some grocery stores and also at home improvement store. The ingredient, borax, is a natural mineral and while it can't be ingested by humans, I feel it is safer than spraying harmful chemicals in the house. The company also states that when used as directed their product is environmentally safe. The only downside is waiting for the bait to take effect since the ants take it back to the colony and more ants come to enjoy the "poison feast". Just remember that it is worth the wait when you see that your home ant free. While most ant killers immediately kill the ants in sight, Terro takes care of the whole colony. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is having an ant problem. I feel that it is the safest, most effective and most inexpensive way to rid your home of ants.