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Terro Liquid Ant Baits, An Ant's Worst Enemy

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momincharge By momincharge on
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Terro Liquid Indoor Ant Baits are amazing. The standard packaging for these Terro Ant Baits includes six individual baits in a "can't miss" bright orange box. The ant bait stations are marked with an area near the bottom that must be clipped off with scissors before use. These Terro ant bait stations are filled with a liquid that attracts ants. They should be placed in a area where ants have been seen, such as window sills or countertops. They do need to be kept out of reach of children who will squeeze the packaging and spill the very thick, sticky liquid.

The Terro Liquid Indoor Ant Baits can cause concern initially. Within the first 24 hours the number of ants seen around the ant bait station will increase dramatically. If you don't mind the ants too much it is interesting to watch them scurry in and out of the clear bait station. The increased traffic could be upsetting to many people but it is important to leave the ant bait station undisturbed.

Terro Liquid Indoor Ant Bait works by attacting ants to the station. The ants take the poison bait back to their colony where it works to kill the entire colony. This method works better in the long run than simply killing visible ants. A large colony may take several day to a week to destroy but it will happen.

Our home is located in an area known for the large ant population. I have tried multiple ant bait products, bug sprays and ant killers but none have worked as well at getting rid of my indoor ant problems as Terro Liquid Indoor Ant Baits.