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Terro Spider Killer Worked Great!

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I hate spiders in the house, and the spiders and their cobwebs were starting to take over the rafters in my basement. So in October, I decided to give the basement a good top to bottom cleaning and to buy something deadly that would get rid of the spiders so that my basement would finally stay clean for more than a week. The saleswoman at Lowes highly recommended Terro Spider Killer. She said that she had some huge brown spiders at her own house and Terro Spider Killer completely took care of the problem for her. Oh, just the thought of huge, hairy, rubbery brown spiders hiding in my basement gave me the shivers, so I bought the Terro Spider Killer.

I cleaned the cobwebs out of my basement rafters with a broom first, and then I sprayed the Terro Spider Killer along all of the rafters to coat them evenly. The spray is a little toxic to inhale, and if you don't wear a face mask, you'll be tasting spider poison for awhile. Terro Spider Killer is toxic to fish, so you'll want to be sure to cover any aquariums, and keep the pets and children out of the area until the surfaces are dry. Terro Spider Killer will kill spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, crickets, scorpions, centipedes, asian ladybugs and ants for 12 weeks, but I applied it four months ago and I still haven't seen any cobweb signs of spiders in my basement. Terro Spider Killer took care of the spiders in the basement, and I won't hesitate to use it again. I highly recommend this product to anyone with spider problems.