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Tetris Ds

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By lordkevin on
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For this review I'll be writing my experience of each of the 6 individual game modes the game offers.

Gamemodes: Standard mode:This is my all-time favorite mode.Its plays like normal tetris, blocks falls down the screen and you must stack them and get a horizontal line.When I first played it, I was overwhelmed by how fast it was, it was just so fast!After level 15 or so, the blocks hits the bottom instantly, giving you NO TIME to move it to a more disirable location.I overcame the speed after 3 or so tries, and I'm not even great at tetris.

Push:Not my favorite mode, but its alright, its plays similar to Standard, but has a slight twist.You play on the top screen while the CPU is on the bottom, the more lines you remove, the more you push the CPU to the bottom to win, but if the CPU removes lines quicker than you, you will be pushed to the top and lose.I don't play this mode alot, so I can't go into more detail.

Touch:Possibly my least favorite of all of the modes, you basically have to move the already stacked blocks, and make lines with them, its incredibly boring in my opinion.

Mission:My 2nd most favorite mode, you have to try and do what it says to do, for example if it says to clear 2 lines using a square block, you have to try and do it within a time limit or grey blocks will appear until you reach the top.Very fun.

Puzzle:Also one of most favorite modes, you have to figure out how to remove all of blocks on screen using the blocks they give you.It gets really challenging later on, I still haven't got pass level 39 yet :(

Catch:Pretty bad in my opinion, you control a block, while a bunch of blocks falls slowly down and you have to connect them with yours.Sometimes there are bombs and when you touch them, your block pieces explodes are you lose your life energy...very un-tetris.

Music:They game has alright music, they aren't spectacular but are very catchy.

This is great for anyone, new or old to tetris, it offers many game modes for everyone and has Wi-Fi, allowing you to challenge anyone around the world.