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Texas Instrument Office Calculator

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We have been using small, inexpensive, solar powered calculators at our restaurant to add up our tickets. I can't tell you how many different calculators we have bought, used and thrown away!

Recently, while I was taking care of a busy lunch crowd, a customer noticed that I was pretty frustrated. She asked what was wrong with me because I wasn't smiling. I said my calculator ( the cheap black one in the pictures above) wasn't working properly. It was giving me three different totals for the same figures! I always do a double check manually before giving my customers their checks. It was then I realized that my cheap calculator wasn't working.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I would pick up that little black calculator and throw it across the room into the trash can! It was history....and I went back to manually adding all the remaining tickets for customers.

Well to my surprise she came back to see me after lunch was over. She brought me this awesome Texas Instrument Calculator and a full case of paper for it!

It's a heavy duty office calculator. I guess I can't pick this one up and throw it across the room! (LOL) But....there will be no throwing this one around. It's so nice and looks very professional in our restaurant.

I love the full sized keyboard. The keys are very much like the keys on a computer keyboard. My finger tips fit on the keys entirely. No more double pressing numbers on that tiny black calculator! Those buttons were always too small and close together because of the tiny size.

The 12 digit liquid crystal display is extra large. I don't have to depend on a light source to power my new calculator either. It is AC powered. The calculator uses a two colored ribbon, black and red. It takes a 2 1/4" x 2 3/4 " plain paper roll. This type of paper roll is so much cheaper than using a thermal paper roll. I can use the calculator with the paper function turned off too and just read the display numbers.

This was a great gift from a long time customer of our restaurant. It gets a good workout 7 days a week! Thank you again! It made my day!