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Texting Makes Me Happy As A Clam!!

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crunkyjens By crunkyjens on
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Let me start this by saying I have wanted a texting phone since probably right after I got my last phone. Don't get me wrong I really liked my LG Chocolate but after a couple months I was getting tired of pressing one key like 3 times to get to the right letter when I sent a text message. And trust me, I text A LOT! It was going to be a long wait though because I still had 2 years on my contract till I could get a new phone for the new contract price as I wasn't about to pay $500 for a new phone just for a keyboard.

Well about 3 weeks ago my Mom and my sister were up for new phones and we talked to the lady at Verizon and they let me upgrade my phone so I could get a new one and my Mom took my current phone. This way I was able to get a new phone, a texting one, at the renewel price for the phone! I love my Mom so much for letting me get the new phone instead of her!

I ended up getting the LG EnV2 phone in the maroon color. It is so cute and compact. It's probably about the size of a deck of cards and it flips open sideways to display the QWERTY keyboard. I love typing out text messages on here now, it goes so much faster! On the outside of the phone the display is a little bit small, but the display once you open it up is really good size. The keys on the front are also nice and big so your hands aren't pressing multiple buttons at once. The reception is great as well, I have had no static with people I have called on it and no one has commented on any static on their end when they talk to me. Battery life is really good as well, I probably charge my phone maybe once every 4 days or so, sooner if I send a lot of texts in one day.

Overall I love this phone and I'm so glad I decided on getting this one. And once you send in the mail in rebate for $50, a price tag of $99 is a steal in my mind!

And remember, don't text and drive! LOL