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Thai Airways: A Shrinking Orchid

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humma By humma on
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Thai Airways used to be my favorite airline, especially because I enjoyed going through Bangkok each time we go to Asia. When we worked in countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Cambodia, Bangkok is an easy weekend get away and the flight was a part of the pleasure. . Recently, however, Thai Airways seems to have lowered its standards. In fact, I lose some confidence when I check in. I used to get business tickets from my reward points (Star Alliance), but recently they seem not to know how to take care of this. They have often treated it as economy and it is a struggle to get them to actually read the ticket (2 times). Once, I checked in the business line and was told to go to another counter just for Star Alliance passengers...after a 15 minute wait. Another time, I was on the flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong stuck on Economy as this was the boarding pass given to me. (Ok Ok...I should have checked). These reward tickets often confuse me and to avoid embarassment, I just give in. When I arrived in HongKong, I lined up to get my boarding pass in the Economy line and was told when I reached the counter that I should have lined up in Business Class as my ticket was Business Class. It was a Star Alliance counter so I told them I was given Economy boarding pass in Bangkok. They then explained that probably there was no space in business. The point is, there was a time when TG was the most helpful airline on the ground of any I flew with. Now, there is just a whiff of superiorty and arrogance. Who needs it?

But it gets worse. In my last 2 flights, I concluded that TG now accepts dirty planes. Look at the corners of the washrooms and the sides of the plane. I booked a Thai Airways ticket in Male, Maldives and was told it is good for a year and I can change anytime. I arrived in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia and was first told that they did not have an office in Male' so they could not change that ticket and that I needed to call up my travel agent. I said that the office I got the ticket from was a Thai Airways office, with staff in Thai uniforms. I was furious. They finally changed the ticket but I lost the leg which they share with Sri Lankan Airlines. They shared the flight but they could not change it. So when you happen to be in Male', Maldives and see the Thai Airways office, beware..it actually isn't there and being invisible, they make tickets diasappear.

And a final grump...the food was cooked to death and the plane was grotty. Wow...after 10 years of boosting TG and looking forward to great customer service...I now run to the competition. And let's NOT bring up the new Airport in Bangkok...another disappointed WOW.