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The 12th Final Fantasy

Reviewing: Sony Playstation 2 Final Fantasy Xii  |  Rating:
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The Final Fantasy series is the juggernaut of Japanese RPGs. Final Fantasy XII is the latest main series installment and it tries to break free from its roots. Final Fantasy has been known for its traditional turn based combat, but Final Fantasy XII is an action RPG that uses "gambits" to determine attacks. Gambits are conditions programmed by the gamer that tells each party member how to react in a certain situation. It adds a lot of depth to Final Fantasy XII's combat.

The graphics are exactly what you'd expect from a main Final Fantasy game. These are the best graphics you will find on the Playstation 2. The sound is fantastic as well.

The real dealbreaker with Final Fantasyh XII is its story. During the first half of the game, the story is very interesting, but after that it dies down. After a significant event in the middle of the game, the story just coasts until the very end, leaving the gamer very unsatisfied.