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The 2006 Ford Mustang 4.0 V6

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By james on
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So I recently purchased an 06 Mustang 4.0 V6. When I first remember seeeing these cars I thought to myself.... Oh those are cool looking. That was about it nothing more nothing less, life moved on. Well just a couple weekends ago I recieved a call from my dealership and they were curious if I was intrested in purchasing another car from them. Well I actually was very intrested but you cant let them know that. So anyone I went down to the dealership test drove a couple cars in the same price range. Nothing tickled me, nothing really standed out, nothing came out at me. Then he says we have one last car to look at. So we started walking towards a burnt red 06 Mustang and I thought to myself... This car is really starting to jump at me. The body style I was really starting to take a closer look. When we got to the car I would say after taking a much closer look I was simply falling in love. The shape, lines, features this car in my price range had was crazy. So after about 10 minutes of looking at the body he asked if I wanted to take a spin. I said yup, but then I asked him if this was a v8 or a v6? He responded with enthusiam V6, dont worry it's not slow were his exact words. So I said yeah lets go for a spin. When I got inside the interior is awesome. The seats are well styled and you feel nice and secure. It almost felt like the seats are hugging you. The steering wheel is fabulous. It reminded me of the old school mustang mixed with the new one. The inside was perfect. At this point I was starting to feel the dissapointment because I knew with the body styling, the interior, something had to be wrong with the engine. I thought for sure it was going to run like a slug.... Boy was I wrong. This was incredible the Mustang flew threw gears. We were heading into 80mph land before I knew it. It was crazy.

I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a new car int he price range of 15-18k. I've had this car for a couple weeks and been a little rough on it, but 0 problems to be seen now or in the future.