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The 40 Year Old Virgin

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By shulockabaulugy on
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Why was this movie as great as it was? Great casting (like Carrell, Rudd, and Rogen), very relatable story (at least in the basic sense), and humor that was very natural and seemed like the kind of stuff said when a group of real friends sit down and joke. So many other comedies out there barely make the 90 minute mark and struggle for jokes, but this one in all its greatness lasts almost 150 mins, with almost no down time between jokes, some subtle, some not. if other comedies were virgins, then this one would be a sex god.

However, I will say the added footage for the Unrated version is just not as funny as the rest, and sometimes gets downright gross. The director should have left it on the cutting room floor where it belongs. It only serves to ruin the pacing of the movie, and does nothing to advance the plot. Find a copy of the Theatrical Release instead, and enjoy.