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The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland

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The Adventures of ELMO in GROUCHLAND (1999) was one of my grand-daughter's (Savannah) favorite Elmo movies. She was about 2 years old when we gave her this DVD. The very first time that Savannah watched this movie it upset her. She cried when Elmo lost his Blanket and couldn't watch the rest of it. She was finally able to watch it all the way through and ended up loving this Elmo movie. She loved ELMO.

Elmo in his first movie. How about that. Vanessa Williams and Mandy Patinkin co-star in this movie. This is a wonderful movie for the family.

As the movie starts the little red monster, Elmo, is waking up with Blanket. He loves his Blanket more than anything else in the whole world. He promised Blanket that they will be together forever. He keeps that promise to Blanket until Zoe, Elmo's best friend, picks up Blanket and asks Elmo if she can hold it. Elmo does not want to share his Blanket and snatches the Blanket from Zoe. They have a tug of war over Blanket and the Blanket ends up flying through the air. It lands near Oscar's trash can and he picks it up and tosses it away into the can. Elmo jumps in to the trash can after his blanket. The Blanket gets snagged on a nail and when the boards fly off. Elmo and his Blanket are sucked down in to the twirling tunnel to Grouchland. Grouchland is the land of grouches, stinking garbage and the greedy Huxley, who is played by Mandy Patinkin. Huxley has not learned to share. Elmo is determined to get his Blanket back. He meets a kind girl named Grizzy who helps Elmo get his Blanket. On the journey Grizzy decides to stop helping when she sees Huxley's house on top of Mount Pickanose. The house is far, far away. Elmo is on his own now. He encounters a giant chicken and even the Queen of Trash, played by Vanessa Williams.

All of Elmo's friends from Sesame Street come to Grouchland to help Elmo get his blanket back. This movie is one hour and 17 minutes in length. This is a great movie to add to your Elmo collection. My grand daughter is now 4 years old and I guess she has out grown her Elmo DVD's. She doesn't watch them as much now. She was about 2 years old when she watched this Elmo DVD one time after another. .