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The Adventures Of Super Diaper Baby

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By pc200x on
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Deputy Dangerous is one bad hombre. He plans on kidnapping Captain Underpants and using his powers to become the most powerful supervillain ever. Unfortunately, his plans go awry when Billy, a newborn baby, accidentally takes the powers meant for him! Now, the dastardly deputy has his eyes set on young Billy with the intention of taking back what he believes is rightfully his. Unfortunately, do to a crazy accident involving a transfer helmet, he's accidentally transformed into...poop. More than ever, he wants his revenge on the one who caused him so much trouble, and he plans on attaining it!

If you're a fan of the "comics" seen in the Captain Underpants series, chances are you'll love this. The entire series is in comic format, as if this entire book is actually a graphic novel written by George and Harold. As can be expected, the humor is a bit more disgusting than the average Captain Underpants book, with more potty humor than you can shake a stick at. Still, if you can get past the gross parts, you have a laugh out loud funny story full of charm and wit.