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The Ak R8 Headphones Review!

Reviewing: Turtle Beach Ear Force Ak R8  |  Rating:
By Scott Button on
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The Turtle Beach Ak-R8 Official Review:

I. Introduction

These Headphones, according to the box, are 5.1 surround sound, have a working and detachable microphone, and are *supposed* to deliver great sound. After taking them out of the box, which looked spectacular and safe, I installed the software, and did the restart.

I then looked into the self supported sound card, which looked like it would deliver some astounding sound, but was pretty annoying to hook up. -.-

After hooking up all the wires and installing the software, I began experimenting with the control panel itself.

II. Control Panel

This handy software allowed me to change between 2 speakers, normal headphones, 5.1 surround sound and even 7.1 surround sound. It also allowed me to change and configure the volumes of each speaker, the microphone setup, and how the sound is portrayed, which they do by making "rooms" you can configure, so that the sound rebounds like the room would.

The control panel is simple to figure out, and gives some help to each specific type of music, if you needed some listening headphones. Yet, as I went to experiment with the sound setup itself, I found a number of problems that made the device unappealing.

III. The Microphone

If any of you have tried this device, I am sure you, too, had some trouble with it's microphone. When I started to play my favorite game, and used the mic, people were shouting at me to turn it off, for its static and even echo killed their ears. =(

After unplugging it and replugging it one day, imagine my rage when I found out the microphone just stopped working, and nothing on the turtle beach website helped me with finding the error. I kept in contact with Turtle Beach Support, and even they did not know what to do. The terror of this expensive headset doesn't end with just the microphone either, as the sound was bugged.

IV. The Sound

When I first heard the sound, it was crisp, spectacular, and most of all, it helped me find my enemy. Yet after only a few days of usage, the sound started turning static-like, and hearing voices was getting difficult.

It even gets worse, this headset offers NO CANCELLATION, and I can clearly hear people around me, and they can hear the noises the headphones make, so badly that it seems amplified. For whole ear cups, these are not what I expected.

V. End

All in all, this headset was a complete waste of money. I am not even being melodramatic, as everything I bought this headphone for was falsely advertised. This is my first time reviewing, so maybe I am being tough, but the quality of the overall product was just disgraceful.

Turtle Beach has got it right with their advertisements, product looks, and customer support, but they need to take into consideration the bulk that matters. Customer Satisfaction.