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The Alexandria Link Audio Book

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Oh dear! I love Steve Berry as an author, his books keep me reading well into the night sometimes and I can often finish one of his 400+ novels in under 2 days which is record time for me. This audio book which offers 17 hours of read time spread over 14 compact disks however; in my opinion, is not nearly as compelling as the Alexandria Link in book format is. It was so boring in fact that I got only as far as the 4th disk and only because I skipped passage after passage, before I gave up and shelved it.

I began reading the book last week and sailed through over 18 chapters in only a few 1 hour sessions. When I went to the library I figured I'd check to see if this book was in audio format. It was and I was thrilled! I'd be able to listen to the book while I surfed, did housework or just lay on the bed relaxing.

Unfortunately, the only real way to listen to this audio book IS lying down because the reader, actor Scott Brick - he's performed a few Shakespeare plays including Cyrano, Hamlet and Macbeth - simply isn't cut out for reading audio books, at least not in my opinion.

By the time I had actually forced myself to keep listening to the chapter I'd already gotten to by reading myself, I was literally zoning out most of the time. Scott Brick does all the voices, or tries to, for the characters in the book both men and women. I will give him credit for the work he does for the male characters, particularly those with foreign accents. However, women's voices are definitely not his strong suit and he really shouldn't attempt them. I think it was those portrayals most of all that had me taking the DVD out of the player and putting it back in its case.

It's unfortunate though as the Alexandria Link is, like all other Steve Berry books I have read thus far, an intriguing tale about the Library of Alexandria, which existed over 1500 years ago and held some of the most fore thinking ideas related to historical, philosophical, literary, scientific and religious works known to man. It suddenly and mysteriously disappeared however; to become nothing more than a myth and legend. Now, a wealthy group of men seek the Alexandria Link - a man, only one man - knows the truth and the story about the Library and its whereabouts and only one man - Cotton Malone, knows where this man is. As with all Steve Berry books the research is incredible, the story line mesmerizing and the plot, exceptional.

I'll definitely finish this great read but not via audio - I'm afraid for me, the audio version really didn't provide me with the relaxing, enjoyable read I was expecting. In fact it did nothing but bore me. I'll stick to the printed format, I seem to get a lot more out of the book that way.

If you enjoy audio books you may be able to get past the reader's voice and if you do, I can assure you that you will enjoy the story Steve Berry tells.