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The All American Teenager, Archie Andrews

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Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This is a comic e-book dvd. I like this a lot because it feels complete for its time frame, without needing to know any other references from prior comics or different series. The comics' characters have their own comic series, such as Archie (the one I'm reviewing), Jughead, and Betty and Veronica. The lead of this comic is an American teenager named Archie Andrews. It is a slice of life style comic book, with characters doing things as people would do in real life. Archie is most famous for his love triangle between the nice girl, Betty Cooper, and the rich snob, Veronica Lodge. There are many funny hijinx that are played out between the 2 trying to get Archie's affection. Archie himself is often trying to juggle the 2 girls himself, as he is unsure of which one he should be seeing.

The other characters have signatures too, like Jughead Jones' love of hamburgers and Reggie Mantle's rivalry (though he is somewhat of a prankster) with Archie.

The artwork is pretty decent in this e-book collection. If you want to try out the modern comics, the artwork has really improved over the years such as the Jughead comic cover I uploaded. After the main story, it even has comics done in the old-school art that is similar to this Archie e-book. I think the quality has maintained consistency as well. The e-book lasts from 1970-1979 and it has special annual comics.

If you're unsure about buying this dvd or the comics, you can take a look at the website which offers a few free comics and see for yourself: http://www.archiecomics.com/