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The Almost Perfect Ps3

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Catherine Henderson By Catherine Henderson on
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As an owner of a PS3, I must say that Sony has definitely outdone themselves. The system is easy to navigate and looks nice despite its bulky size compared to the slim model PS2 that once sat where my PS3 now is. It is also great that you can actually download small trials of games before you buy them off of the PlayStation network.

Despite its many benefits, the PS3 does have several flaws which makes it an "almost" perfect gaming system. The wireless card in the PS3 is quite weak. It is not built to pick up a signal that is too far away from the system. However, keep a wireless router close to it and online gaming is certainly a lot of fun!

I was extremely disappointed that the PS3 isn't near as quiet as other consoles such as the XBox and Nintendo Wii. The fan in the PS3 is disturbingly noisy! You can definitely hear the fan spinning around in there which is an annoyance while trying to watch a movie and sometimes it spins at such a speed that it sounds like a shuttle waiting to take off. It also seems just a bit silly that the system is not compatible with PS1 and PS2 game discs. Backwards compatibility would have been a nice additive to the PS3 considering that other new systems such as the Wii are backwards compatible.

Overall, I'm very happy with the PS3. The wireless controllers come in handy and although I could have also complained about the fact that we own one that only has a 40G hard drive but I didn't because I simply went and got an external drive to compensate so that problem is solved. I have always enjoyed a long line of Sony products and found myself happy with anything new that they come out with. So I have to say, Thanks again Sony! Wonderful job!

The games available for the PS3 range from all types and therefore suits a variety of ages from small children to fun-loving adults. However, I am advising that you do research before purchasing any game system to make sure that you'll like the games made for that system and to make sure you get a system that you actually pay because game system still heft around a high price.