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The Amityville Horror

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Wayne Wilkins By Wayne Wilkins on
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The Amityville horror and I have an in depth history together; It is the only film that made my girlfriend walk out of the cinema during a night out. Does that tell you something? This film is GRUESOME.

The Amityville Horror is one of many stories which depicts the true story behind the Amityville murders on November 13, 1974 which took the lives of six family members, the DeFeo family, in what was a controversial and technically unsolved mystery, despite the conspiracies and lies that lie behind the so called truth of the story, the house is still to this day standing and is a common sight for horror seekers to go and try their luck and get a real horrific experience and aura from what is in my opinion, the ORIGINAL haunted house; Yes my friends, the story of the Amityville horror is REALITY.

The Amityville Horror however, in terms of film, is not as good as the films to cover the story before it, and this one is seemingly based more around blood and gore rather than depicting the actual story as it happens. From haunted, bloody dreams to nightmares, the Amityville horror is actually nothing more than a blood story than the truth, and that is coming from a fan of gory movies, I did not enjoy this one at all.

As I stated above, the blood and gore was so gruesome that it caused my girlfriend to get up and walk out of the cinema, and that is the last horror film she has watched since. I however watched it when the DVD came out, and I just generally did not enjoy it. I saw it as a feeble attempt to capture money out of a story that has been bled dry since the 70's. The other moves in the series follow a much more in depth depiction of the story and do not focus solely on the blood, guts and gore factor that this specific title does.

If you like the blood, if you like the gore, then yes, this is for you, and the extras on the DVD certainly make it worthwhile, but the actual movie in general? I would say if you are new to the Amityville story, then start with this one, as this one gives you the jist and a potential idea of what could have gone down on the fateful night, but when you are through with this one, take a step back in time and look for the older movies for a more detailed and in depth perspective on the story itself, it is well worthwhile.