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The Andromeda Strain

Reviewing: Universal/ A&E The Andromeda Strain 2 Disc Dvd  |  Rating:
Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I happened to run across this DVD the other day while shopping. It drew my attention because it is based off of a book written by my favorite author, Michael Crichton. From reading the back of the DVD it says this was a TV mini series that was aired on the A&E network. I do not get cable or satellite so I was unaware of this mini series.

The film is about 2 hours long but it is broken down into two parts. Part 1 is on one disc and part 2 is on the second disc. There are also some special extras such as the making of The Andromeda Strain, visual effects, photo and design galleries and commentary from the director.

The mini series was directed by Mikael Salomon and it is about a strain of bacteria that came back to earth with a satellite that fell to the earth. The satellite ended up in a very small town and when the town folks opened it the bacteria escaped and started killing off everyone in the town. then the race starts in trying to find out what this is (the name it Andromeda) and how to stop it before it spreads.

This mini series sticks with the main points that are in the book pretty well. They do update the story a bit to make it a possible bio warfare attack (which they figure out it is not).

Over all this was an excelent mini series and I'm so glad I found it on DVD so I would have the oppurtunity to view it.