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The Apple I Pad: What You May Already Have

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When Apple first released the IPad, nearly everyone I spoke to dismissed the new device as an overrated, gigantic IPod Touch (Apple's mp3 device). But as most IPad users have found, the IPad can do much more than any other Apple products. With a 9.50" x 7.31" inch, LED backlit, multi-touch screen, the IPad is perfect for viewing movies, playing games, and almost any other task. The Apple IPad is capable of almost every feature on a macbook. Facetime (face to face video chat over the internet), Garageband (a song making application which can be purchased from the App store), and IMovie (a video editing application also available from the app store) are just some of the thousands of practicle apps that can be added to the IPad. The IPad also holds all of your Itunes music, videos and photos.

Many consumers will look at a laptop, and say it's no different from the IPad. After owning one for nearly three months now, I can say that the touch feature on the IPad gives it the extra edge. Some of the apps and games available for the IPad are designed specifically for the touch feature. Tilting and turning your screen makes playing games more interactive, and the screen size is perfect for watching a movie, while the Ipod touch is simply too small to enjoy videos.Plus, the speakers on the back of the IPad emit sound wonderfully. The IPad is much lighter than any laptop as well. The more expensive IPad comes with a 3G option as well, so that you can get internet access wherever you go. The cheapest version of the IPad only allows for Wi-fi to be used.

The most prominent feature of the IPad is the app store. With over thousands of different apps to pick from, your IPad has access to some of the most useful applications ever made. I use my IPad almost exclusively for games, because many of the games have already begun competing with console games. Other applications may be used to help children read, write, draw, and learn about other topics, while school reading books can be purchased for students as well. With internet access, the IPad allows you to check your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media wherever you go. Keep in mind that the IPad does NOT have certain features that a laptop does(Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook), while the IPad has touch and tilt features that create an experience laptops can't. But try to refrain from buying an IPad if you think you'll only use it for a few apps, or if you already own a laptop. You'll feel you have wasted your money if you use a laptop just as often as you would the IPad. Also, the recently released IPad 2 is slimmer, and has camera on the front and back. The models range from $500-$830, and the IPad 2 may be purchased in the color black or white.