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The Apple I Phone 2g, Is It Really That Great?

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John Henry By John Henry on
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Many of you are surrounded by the hype of owning an iPhone. Your cousin owns one, your friend, your mom, whoever. But is it really that great? I had this same question running through my mind not so long ago. I was tired of owning the mp3 player I had at the time and decided to look for something new that I could also use as a phone. One of the options I looked over was the iPhone, it seemed like a great phone and everyone seemed to be satisfied with it. The more I looked into this, the more I wanted to purchase one for myself. I loved everything about it, the looks are great, it runs fast, it takes high quality pictures, and has so many features it is absolutely ridiculous. I went out and purchased an iPhone not so long after my decision to buy one, it was an iPhone 2g which is the first generation of the iPhone. I became quickly addicted to the iPhone and spent almost all of my spare time on it! The iPhone became a hobby for me, I was always downloading new games and trying out different functions. So is it worth the money? It was definitely worth it for me! Reception is great on the iPhone, I always had five bars everywhere I went. The display is stunning, so vivid and colorful. Apps are another one of the great features of this phone, there are thousands of apps just waiting to be downloaded onto the iPhone. Many of them are well worth the price and a large selection of them are free. Overall the iPhone 2g is a great purchase, it does so many things that you would not expect a phone to do. The hype overcasting the iPhone 2g is for a reason.