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The Apple I Pod Shuffle 3g

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lazybum5 By lazybum5 on
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The Apple iPod Shuffle is such an amazing product in a tiny product. Just as with many of Apples products, the Shuffle sports an aluminum outer casing with a minimalistic design consisting of only one switch to turn the Shuffle on. Just the size of a house key and outfitted with a polished clip the iPod shuffle can be clipped and carried around on your clothes perfect for slow jogs or just calm walks. The lack of buttons on the actual iPod itself, Apple somewhat forces their consumers to use their own medium quality earphones with the remote. However third party earphone remotes can be purchased for around 3 dollars allowing the use of non Apple brand earphones which would cost around $30.

Navigation around the Shuffle is relatively easy once you get used to it. Click once for pause/play twice for skip. Thrice for back skip. Hold for VoiceOver and to access the playlist menu. There are also two buttons for volume control. The VoiceOver feature works wonderfully although the occasional mispronunciation of songs. The voice will depend on the Operating system. Of course VoiceOver can be disabled on iTunes. Also to take full advantage of the VoiceOver feature, the Shuffle not only display battery status but also speaks the battery level. This makes it perfect for colorblind people that were unable the discern the battery status on the previous model. Though just like the iPod touch the iPod Shuffle can get easily scuffed and scratched through normal use.