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The Apple I Pod Touch Simply Future Proof!

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Mark Iskander By Mark Iskander on
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The iPod Touch, the world's most popular mp3 player, jumps miles ahead of the quality of the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, and iPod Video combined! This device adds so many feature, it could even be considered a mini-laptop! Among almost-perfect execution, Apple has not done very well to keep up in certain parts of the device, such as the lack of custom equalizer, the lack of any customizability whatsoever, and the lack of any real 3rd party application support. The iPod Touch's biggest fault is, quite frankly, that it was built by a company with no love for its fanbase. Let's go into details.

Perhaps one of the most discussed features of the iPod Touch is its ability to connect to wireless networks to do many things, such as surfing the web, checking your email, watching YouTube video, and, as of a recent firmware update, to download thousands upon thousands of applications made by Apple's fanbase: the AppStore.

However, as I have mentioned, the iPod is made by Apple. That means that there are a couple of idiotic limitations and missing features that you'd be able to find in a twenty dollar mp3 player. First off, there is no custom equalizer. While the iPod is definitely, as Apple states, "the funnest iPod ever, " it fails to deliver in terms of sound quality, especially when it comes to bass. There are presets, but they are horrid in selection and quality. For example, for songs that thrive on bass, there is an equalizer preset for boosting bass. While it certainly adds a bit to the bass, it completely shatters the treble and everything else for that matter. The same thing is true when it comes to the treble presets; the bass is non-existent. I owned a Samsung P2 mp3 player before getting my iPod Touch, and honestly, it sounded a million times better thanks to a wonderful built-in custom equalizer. It remains a mystery why Apple hasn't yet included this simple features in a product that they consider the best music player ever. The custom equalizer has been sought after for many generations of the iPod. Perhaps Apple will finally start listening? Don't bring your hopes up.

In terms of limitations, there's also the fact that you need to use iTunes and nothing but to be able to use your iPod Touch, and if that wasn't bad enough, wait until you hear this: as of time of writing, and probably forever until somebody figures out a way to bypass this, there is no way of getting your music off of your iPod and onto your computer. You can only put music on the iPod, and once it is there, there's no going back. Say goodbye to sharing music via the iPod, because it's not going to happen.

So you've just bought an iPod touch, finally, after months of saving up. You power the sexy device up for the first time to be greeted by the Apple logo. It is just overwhelming. The lock screen comes up and you swipe your finger across to unlock, and there it is: the homescreen. But, wait, what is this? Black background? Grey font? Kiss anything different goodbye because, as of the current firmware version, and probably forever, you will not be able to customize this. At least, not without using community-made hacks that not only temporarily void your warranty (until you remove it, ) but also slow down your device a bunch. The iPod Touch also has the habit of reminding its owners that it isn't an iPhone, which is basically the superior, though more expensive, version of the iPod Touch. Many Appstore apps that are considered must-haves are limited to iPhones due to the use of a microphone or GPS, etc.

However, aside from all of the wonderful features of the iPod Touch and the occasional messup, Apple has done one thing right. Every couple of months or so, Apple releases software updates for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. These updates usually add functionality, stability, and more features, such as the recent addition of the AppStore, and the future addition of the copy and paste. While they show interest in fixing problems with their devices, they also show a lack of interest in supplying simple additions like the custom equalizer, and any customizability whatsoever. However, one thing is certain. It's simply the funnest iPod ever. One you get one, you'll never leave it.