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The Archaeological Study Bible

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With being an artist I've always been interested in history. Archaeology is bringing history to life. It's finding evidence of situations that accured in history. I have found Archaeolog to be very interesting. I am also a Christain. I am a deaconess at our Church. Religion is very important to my life. There have always been may versions of the Bible around our home.

I recetly descovered the Archaeological Study Bible. I found a copy online and purchased it. I could't wait for it to come in the mail. And I was not in the lease disappointed with my purchase.

The photos are amazing. The pages have an "old" look o them. It is the New International Version of the Bible but it also includes information on the culture and architexture of the time periode. It's an extensive study of the Bible for anyone who wants to learn the "behind the scenes" of the biblical time period.

This is a "red letter" edition Bible which means that the words of Christ Jesus are in red.

There are over 8, 000 Study notes that highlight historical, archaeological, and cultural topics. Over 500 articles that cover 5 categories (Archaeological Sites, Cultural and Historical Notes, Ancient Peoples, Lads and Rulers, The Reliability of the Bible, and Ancient Texts and Artifacts). Nearly 500 full-color potograps. Detailed book intraductions. Charts and graphs on topics. Periodic Quatations from ancient peoples. Side column cross referances. Sixteen pages of full color maps. Plus a concordance and a glossary.

If youa re interested in the way people and other cultures live and you also have a fondness for the Bible this is an excelet Bible to purchase. I have enjoyed long hours reading and studying with this Bible. It's a very interesting view of the Bible.