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The Awesome, The Romantic, And The Corn.

Reviewing: Paramount Pictures Transformers 2 : Rise Of The Fallen  |  Rating:
alle13 By alle13 on
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The explosives and actiction was nice. The movie had plenty of swearing, including the Autobots, such as when Octumus beat the new Decpeticon in the beginning he walked up to him, "Punk ass Decetpicon." Which made me realize I was still "just watching" it. The movie was great, the effects where awesome, but really, robots are a tough button to push but having them swear may be funny at some points, but other than that, come on, pointless.

The explosives are very cool and very impressive. The movie had nice timing of events and was very realistic on the all-around romance. The whole, "You say it first was very romantic and I loved it.

One thing caught my attention: a big part in the movie, that was CORNEEEEEEEEEY!

Octumus Prime, the last living Prime, is dead. The Matrex (or however you spell that damn Power source that CAN bring Octumus back to life) has turned to dust from age. The Fallen (A Decpeticon who absolutely hates the human rate) is about to blow up our sun and only a Prime Autobot can stop them, but now they're all dead. And, the cherry on top, Sam just died with a bag full of the Matrex's pikie dust.

So, somehow, he sees all the dead Primes, who basiclly say, "Good job! Your loyalty to Octumus means we trust you."

THEN, here's the fun part, he WAKES UP FROM THE DEAD and the Matrex is suddenly turned back from the dust! YAY! WE GOT TO SEE HTE POINT OF THE MOVIE WHERE THE CREATOR GOT A WRITERS BLOCK!!!!!! Corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, corn.

Overall, it's worth seeing.