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The Awesomeness Of Fable

Reviewing: Lionhead Fable 2  |  Rating:
By slayer on
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Fable 2 is one of the most interesting games I have played lately. It has amazing graphics, gameplay style, and a good combat system. At times the games characters might annoy you, they can be dealt with, but you may have to pay for it, for example, the first time I played and made it into the city, I was PO'd by this bard, so I killed him. Then I was forced to fight some bandits for comuunity service. The character can be either male or female, and can get married, have children, and make many choices, resulting in the character being good or evil. Unlike many action/adventure/RPG games, Fable 2 allows you to chose your own future, rather than have it decided for you. The only part I dislike about the game, is the price, which, although it's expensive, it is well worth paying for. Personaly, I found it easiest to wait untill my cousin bought the game, and then after a while, ask to borrow it. Overall, it was a good game, and would be well worth the price, and would make a great adition to any game collection.