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The Band That Shaped The Uk In Early The 80's

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Madness Absolutely..I don't know where to start with this album, there are simply no words to describe what this album did to the UK's youth at the time. I was lucky enough to be one of them back in 1980, and proud of it. This album is another one of the few albums that I love every song 110%. you certainly got your money's worth this band. A bunch of 7 crazy lads from old London town that got the UK youth into Ska and 2Tone.

They had a sound like no other ever had before or ever will have, a spine tingling sax, amazing piano almost sounding out of key, an egyptian sounding riff in alot of there songs, a "Nutty" sound..if you know the band you'll know exactly what I mean by this..if you don't know the band..where have you been!..your missing out! :)

The album runs through 14 songs..each one a Number 1 in their own right..but the 80's was a hard time to be a band as far as chart position goes, there was just so many good bands around at that time especially in the UK...Biased..me!..just a little bit :) todays pop bands just wouldnt stand a chance against the bands of my youth.

This is an album, I can laugh at and cry with at the same time from all the memories, while all the time the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck are standing on end with shivers going down my spine through every song..remembering the great days of my youth when I didnt have a care in the world...damn how I long for those days again!

Even though the band has been going since 1976 the band still play today 33 years later with the same enthusiasm they did when they were in their teens..talking of teens my 13 yr old Loves Madness, her Ipod is full of madness songs..her favorite being the Instrumental - Swan Lake. If your a visitor to You Tube and you fancy seeeing what these crazy lads are all about type in Madness Swan Lake Live - You'll hear that Egyptian sound, hear the nutty sound, and see the Boys (That need a Knighthood for long service to the British Youth) in all their Glory.