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The Bathroom Reader: All The Info You Don't Need

Reviewing: Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Uncle John's Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader  |  Rating:
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Have you ever been curious as to what makes up Cool Whip? (hint: it's not made of dairy products, that's for sure)! Want to know how your taste buds work? Interested in the origin of the Hawaiian shirt? Have a passion for crazy laws and hilarious quotes? Then pick up Uncle John's Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader. It's sure to please anyone who has ever dared to ask the weirdest "why?"s in life.

I adore the Bathroom Reader series. This is my fifth book, and probably my favorite out of all the ones I've read. Some of the main articles feature stories such as:

"Alaska: It's Different up Here" (crazy news stories from the 49th state), "Original Zin" (the story of the creation of white Zinfandel), "Oops!" (outrageous tales of the biggest mistakes people have made), "The Birth and Death of the Phone Booth", "Looney Laws", "Dumb Crooks", "The History of Bread", "Car name origins", a recipe for "do it yourself Jell-O", movie goofs, and plenty of other entertaining articles.

This book is sure to please everyone, from the nerdiest technophile to the classiest working mom. It's not just random trivia, either: it also contains brain teasers, riddles, and word plays. Sure, it's called the "bathroom reader", but I prefer to read it on the go, rather than "when" I go. It's great for long airplane trips or bus rides. Usually, I read the short articles first, then go back through to read the longer ones.

Don't forget to read the bottom of each page! At the very bottom of every page is a short "runner", or a line that contains random trivia or info. Did you know that the 1908 Olympics considered motorboating a sport? Or, that in two states, it's perfectly legal to fish with a semiautomatic rifle? Now you do. And you'll know a lot more by the time you're finished with this book. It's funny, smart, and entertaining. Whether you'll ever actually use this wacky info is, well, up to you.