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The Beatles

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By ntmanning on
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The Beatles is a biography written by Hunter Davies, the only authorized biographer of the Beatles. To give some of my background of Beatles knowledge, I have never read a book about them and have only watched one documentary about them. Most of my knowledge before this book came from friends or a web sites such as Wikipedia. The book format is set up very organized by subject. The first few chapters are titled as follows: John, John and the Quarrymakers, Paul, Paul and the Quarrymakers and so on. I thought this was a great way to set the book up, and also end the book in a similar fashion. Most of the book focuses on the four Beatles and how they became a part of the group and how the group acted and what went on during Beatlemania. There is part of the book that is dedicated solely to a select few songs they had written. That was my personal favorite and I found this the most interesting because I was able to read exactly how they came up with some of their best songs such as "With A Little Help From My Friends." I believe there are books out there that focus solely on this, but it was an added bonus in this biography about them. The book was well written and is a good first step when trying to learn about the Beatles. Only 300+ pages, so it can be read relatively quickly and worth a rental from your local library.