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The Beatles: Rock Band Totally Rocks!

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The price came down recently on The Beatles: Rock Band for Xbox 360 and I snapped it up. I've been wanting this video game for months and I was just waiting for the price to come down a little to buy it. And I am thrilled with this game.

Rather than create your own band character to play, The Beatles: Rock Band takes you through their own history in the storyline, and you play well to win photographs and more historical content of the Beatles rather than clothing for your band character. I grew up as a big fan of the Beatles, sneaking into my aunt's 45 collection to steal her Beatles records when I was young, so most of this music was very familiar to me and an awful lot of fun to play and sing along on my Rock Band instruments, and it brings back so many memories and smiles.

I'm particularly good with the vocals on The Beatles: Rock Band, so I spent last Saturday on Xbox Live jamming with some experts on the bass, guitar and drums, and oh, how much fun I had. The Beatles: Rock Band will also do 2 and 3 vocal harmonies on some of their songs, so when my daughter comes home for Easter, I plan to make her sing this game with me for some extra fun. And the aunt that I used to steal the Beatles records from is coming home in August, and I know she'll love this game.

I own Rock Band and Rock Band 2, but I've had a hard time learning the other instruments on any other game but The Beatles: Rock Band. Part of it may be that I love the music so much better on The Beatles: Rock Band that I can listen to it over and over while I practice the drums, and part of it is that the instrument rhythms on The Beatles: Rock Band are a little slower and easier for an uncoordinated beginner to learn. I can use my original Rock Band instruments with The Beatles: Rock Band, so I didn't have to buy the entire set, just the game. The graphics are great on this game and worth watching the songs even if you don't want to play any of them just to see the Beatles again. I highly recommend The Beatles: Rock Band to all of the Beatles fans out there. This is a great game to have in your collection.