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The Best Console Ever Made!

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Craig Stephenson By Craig Stephenson on
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After Nintendo’s very popular Nintendo entertainment system (NES) ruled the game industry for 7 years plus, Nintendo decided it was time to make a new console and take advantage of the next step in video games, that console became the super Nintendo! The super Nintendo boasted 16 bit graphics, a special sound chip called the FX chip and was made by Sony and the super Nintendo had a ability called mode 7 built into it. Mode 7 allowed 2D objects to rotate and turn to give the impression of a 3D object.

The super Nintendo was a success story many people pre ordered the console and many people continued to buy it, altogether the SNES sold 49.19 million units beating its rival the Sega megadrive which only managed to sell 35 million units. Of course even if the console has all the best specs that doesn’t mean nothing if the games produced for it were rubbish, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. There were excellent games released for the SNES and many timeless classics such as: super Mario world, legend of Zelda: link to the past, Donkey Kong country, Yoshi’s island, super Mario kart, starwing and many more. All of these games (mostly created by Nintendo) really propelled the SNES into stardom and set the benchmark on many other games and their genres. But going back to what I said earlier about the games have to be good in order for the console to do well, while that is true if it wasn’t for the SNES’s abilities built into it half of the games produced for the SNES wouldn’t have been made or certainly not have been as good as they were.

Most of the games released for the SNES used the mode 7 technology; this gave many games great advantages over Sega megadrive released games. Whether that was making the characters look 3D, producing 3D maps or producing rotating 3D backgrounds the mode 7 technology was the reason these things could happen, and it proved a great advantage for the super Nintendo over the sega megadrive. Another great thing about the super Nintendo was the sound system which was a special chip developed by Sony before they went on to create the playstation. The chip was called the FX chip and it made the sound quality in games better well actually compared to the sega megadrive a lot better! You may think that the music on the SNES still sounds very retro but go ahead and listen to a piece of music on the super Nintendo then listen to a piece on the megadrive and you tell me which one sounds better to you!

All these things and a bit more make this still my very favourite console today, with the vast amount of excellent games available for it and the technology which was hidden within it, it really is an excellent console even today many SNES games are downloaded from the Nintendo virtual console which is a feature available for Nintendo’s present console the Nintendo wii. The super Nintendo will never be forgotten as a brilliant console which produced some of the most very best games available to play it really is a 10/10 product a must buy even today!