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The Best Console Out There!!!!

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Alex Rakhminov By Alex Rakhminov on
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Let me begin by telling you guys that I am not a huge fan of game consoles, but when I saw the commercial of the Nintendo Wii I decided to buy it right away when it came out and boy was I glad that I bought it. I honestly did not but it for only to have fun, but bought it because I also wanted to loose a little weight, so I decided with buying this console I will shed some pounds and I will have fun doing it, and I was absolutely correct.

Ok now let me begin by telling you that this console will definatly make you loose about 10 pounds in two months, I can definatly guarantee this to you, and the great thing about it is that you have fun doing it, and that is the thing that I really enjoy about this console. The second thing that I like about this console is that it is light and very durable. What I mean by this is that the Wii does not break quickly, and plus you can carry it with you anywhere because it is so light, and you won't even know that you have it.

The next thing that I really like about this console is that the graphics I think look great in this game, I really think that the graphics are the same as the PS3 and I am really being serious about this, and the price for the Wii is $150 less then the PS3 and that is the best part about this console. The final thing that I enjoy about the Wii is that the games really remind you of your childhood. What I mean by that is playing Sonic, Mario, and etc, and that is one other reason why I bought this console because it gives me great memories of my childhood.

The only thing that you have to be careful of is regulating the controllers calmly because you can unexpectedly break your TV by throwing one of the NUN Chucks on it.

Overall I really think that this is the best console out there today, and also one of the cheapest as well and I highly recommend this console to everyone especially the weight watchers out there.