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The Best Mild Acne Treatment

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Leo Choo By Leo Choo on
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This is probably the best benzoyl peroxide product for mild acne treatment that everyone overlooked. Benzoyl peroxide is the most effecive ingredient used for treating acne lesions as it killls the P.acnes bacteria that provoke acne.So most people will go for the maximum strength of benzoyl peroxide which can go as high as 10% concentration, thinking that the more the better.

Most of us don't know that a 2.5% concentrations works as effectively as a 10% concentration.The only difference is the skin irritation which will be caused by the 10% formulation. In order to have a successful acne treatment usingbenzoyl peroxide, one should start with alowest concentration of benzoyl peroxide available which is 2.5% and Neutrogena-on-the-spot fits perfectly into the picture. So a lower concentraton will minimise the chance of you developing skin dryness and rashes causes by irritatio of the skin.

Don't give up yet if initially you notice some acne lesion breakouts from using it.It shows that it is effectively in removing those acne.Give it at least a month for it to work on your skin. You can tone down the amount you use and limit its usage to once a day in order to further minimise the dryness it causes.As your skin adapts to it, then slowly increase the frequency of usage to twice a day and apply more.Remember that patience will prove that this product REALLY works for you.You only have to know how to use it.