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The Best Phone Plan For Me

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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At the beginning of 2009 I was looking for a new cell phone and a new cell phone company and plan. I was not happy with the previous plan and company I was with. I did a lot of searching and comparing with different companies before I chose one. One reason being the little town I live in does not get goo cell phone coverage so I wanted a cellphone company that I would actually be able to use while at my home. I decided to go with AT&T and their Go Phone plan (pay as you go).

I have been with this company and plan for about 7 months now and I LOVE it. It is much better then my old plan (a pay by the month contracted plan). I love the fact that there are no contracts and I can pay as much on my phone as I need to at the time. When I use my phone more I put more on it. If I don't plan on using it much one month, I put less on it. Easy as that.

The phone choices for the Go Phones are pretty regular choices. The pricing ranges from cheap ($19.00 and lower) to pricey ($100 of more). When I chose my phone I chose a black Motorola Razr for $99 (I reviewed it already...LOVE it). Mostly the phone is what your prefreance is in a phone.

The Pay as you Go plan is an easy to follow plan. There are no set monthly charges. I can vary what I pay from month to month. There are three ways to add money to you Pay as you Go account. You can either do it through the AT&T website, a card purchased at an AT&T store or any store that carries them (I usually purchase them at Walmart) or you can add money by phone. I usually use the card or web site options. Also with AT&T for every $100 you put on your plan you get bonus money added to your plan. For the first $100 you get an extra $5 and for every $100 after that you get $10 added for free. There are options as to how much you put on your phone plan and each option has a different time frame for what it is good for. There are 5 different money options to choose from. They are $15 for 30 days, $25 for 90 days, $50 for 90 days, $75 for 90 days and $100 for 365 days. Of course you can always add more to that if needed. Say for example you put $25 on your account and before your 90 is up you need more then you can easily put $25 or even $15 on and it all carries over for the next amount of days. The money you put on your account always caries over from month to month as long as you put more money on before you set amount of days is up. I am never waisting minutes or money this way. What I put on my account will always carry over until I use it. The time it will not is if I do not put more money on when my set amount of days is up and my account expires. Then I lose what money I had on the account but I am not going to let this happen because I love this plan and it is so easy to use.

The set call raite that I have is .10 cents a minute plus a $1 use fee for every day I use my phone (calls not text messaging). If there is a day I do NOT use my phone to make phone calls then I am not charged the $1 use fee. Plus all my calls to other AT&T cell phone carriers are FREE!

I also text message a LOT. I text more then I call so I also wanted a good text plan with my Go phone. AT&T has options for texting as well that will come straight out of your phone account or you can buy cards for too. They have three text messaging plans. $4.99 for 200 messages a month, $9.99 for 1, 000 messages a month (this is the plan I purchase) and $19.99 for unlimited messages a month. The messages roll over as well. If you renew your text plan every month then what messages you had left fromlast month will rollover to the next month. for example you have 567 messages left and you renew your plan for the next month then you will have 1, 567 messages to start out the new month with. The only time you lose the messages you have already payed for is if you do not renew for the next month. This includes text and multimedia messaging. Without the plan I would pay .10 cents for every message and when you go through about 500 messages a month like I do that can eat into your calling money pretty fast so the text plans are great for me. I can also purchase cards and purchase internet time as well I just have no need for that at this time. I usually just check quick things like email if I'm away from home on my phone and that only cost me a few cents here and there.

This is one of the best phone plans I have run across. I get a great signal at my home. In fact I have yet to find a place where I do not get a signal with AT&T. The plan is easy and way cheaper then what I was paying for a cell phone (I am saving well over $400 a year with this plan compaired to the plan I got away from). So if you are having trouble paying for a contracted phone plan in this economy and are looking for something that could save you money then I highly recommend a pay as you go plan from AT&T. It is easy to set up and use and it will save you money in the long run.